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Moxy Captain Revitalisation d2o

Additional training for Moxy Captains covering the basics, hands-on information and also the opportunity for those seeking further to explore into PMI.

About This Course

Additional PMI training for Moxy Captains.

  • Why PMI?
  • Structure, Modules and Navigation in PMI
  • Live Forecast, and Budget & Forecast Module
  • Labour Hour Cockpit
  • Routines in PMI
  • Planning Module walk-through
  • Open session / Additional reports and modules in PMI R&P


Please ensure that you have set aside the full length of the session in a quiet, non-disturbed environment. Allow time to follow up and at the end of the training programme be able to take the knowledge test ensuring understanding the basics of PMI

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Helen de Boer

BRE Consultant

Course Staff Image #2

Liselott Piper

Global BRE Manager